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Booty is a piece of work for sure!!! She's a SUPER COMPACT American Bulldog female!!!!
THICK rear... no back... thick from head to toe... and bred to produce compact BULLY American Bulldogs!!!...

She is tightly inbred on one of our more popular breedings... The Tyson X Hannah breeding was one of our more popular American Bulldog breedings period!!! A decade ago the breeding was mentioned in the book "The Working American Bulldog" as one of the best bully American Bulldog breedings of the time... and they were correct... history was predetermined...

Chico went off to Europe to dominate the American Bulldog scene of the time. Sampson went off to dominate Texas, a huge American Bulldog state, which eventually spread through the world. Simon was also a huge hit as well in Canada and surrounding areas which again spread broadly. Even one of our mentors Wil Barbosa owned a pup from this breeding. - MANSTOPPERS Thor of Barbosa.

Tyson was one of the most influential American Bulldogs of all time... match that with one of the best American Bulldog females the breed has seen - MANSTOPPERS Incredi-BULL Hannah Bull Of JDJ... (a pick female directly out of John D Johnsons kennels) - and you have American Bulldog greatness!!!

We took Tyson a decade ago to the highest ends of the working side of JDJs proven working stock... MANSTOPPERS Hannah Bull was the first 100% JDJ female to title in a BST... basically a slightly watered down version of the Sch title...she was hip titled (before most bully enthusiasts cared) and was just a all out pleasure to live with!!!!! One of our original Queens!!!!

I know we've personally sent this immediate blood to Spain, Ukraine, Rome/Italy, Canada and all over the states.. Booty will continue that lineage for us... We are VERY happy with what Booty brings to the table and look forward to her contributions to the American Bulldog breed... Kudos to the brother Bo from RCK for keeping the bloodline strong!!! Respect brother!!!

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